The Back To Business I.T. Team

Back To Business I.T. considers our people to be its greatest strength. Our team’s experience is both deep and broad, meaning it covers a wide range of technology, programs and systems throughout a variety of sectors. Many of our employees have built their career on the technology revolution from the beginning. But that doesn’t mean we’re obsolete. To the contrary, our employees have a proven record for achieving success through our innovative and leading-edge solutions.

As a commercial service of The Greentree Group, Back To Business I.T. caters to organizations of all sizes. Our exceptional team of professionals strives to uphold the company’s core values while fostering an award-winning employee culture.

Join us!

Back To Business I.T. is always looking for people who value a fast paced, team oriented workplace where the customer always comes first. Our innovative and forward thinking culture appreciates creativity, open communications and good old fashioned hard work. In exchange you’ll get a competitive salary, well-rounded benefits and enjoyable group of people with whom to share your day!


Explore current opportunities at The Greentree Group – there may be a chance to join The Back To Business I.T. team.

Service Team

Solutions Engineers, Field Engineers, and Dispatch Coordinators comprise this group of hardworking, multitasking professionals. As the first line of assistance for issue resolution, they take pride in helping our clients get Back To Business.

Special Projects

This team of knowledgeable Solutions Engineers helps our clients with more complex undertakings. As part of this group, Engineers complete migrations, server replacements, setting up new networks, and many other endeavors that call for in-depth expertise.

Network Operations Center

This team, working largely behind the scenes, follows through on our proactive approach to technology. Among many other vital activities, they monitor and update systems to ensure maximum protection against potential threats.

Business Development

The personable and helpful professionals on our Business Development team consult with future clients to find the best fit between our solutions and their needs. Through constant contact with our current clients, they also ensure that the mutual partnership is a successful one.

Take care of your business. We'll take care of your I.T.