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We don’t need to pay an employee to take care of our computer needs. It’s not a good use of our resources or income to pay for someone to be in-house to take care of our I.T. needs. Having Back To Business I.T. gives us peace of mind knowing we are being taken care of like a large corporation without having to hire somebody.

Stephanie S.
Real Estate Company, OH

I hit the jackpot with Back To Business I.T. They’ve met my needs from the very beginning! From the account executive to the systems administrators, their service has been unmatched to any previous providers. They’ve saved us time and money. I can recommend Back To Business I.T. without hesitation.

Debbie M.
Travel Company, OH

I have better things to worry about every day but yet technology is so important to what we do. Back To Business I.T. allows small and medium-sized businesses not to have to worry about technology issues.

Jeff H.
Food Service Company, OH

We have a very diverse and sophisticated I.T. network used by employees at more than a dozen offices throughout Southwest Ohio. No one individual has the skills to take care of our systems by themselves. That's why we turned to Greentree and their Back To Business I.T. managed services. They have a complete team of people with the experience and skills needed to keep our I.T. running. We've made a lot of improvements that are helping our business run more efficiently. A big THANK YOU to the Back To Business I.T. team - they're doing a wonderful job!

Sherri R.
Large Regional Law Firm, OH

Back To Business I.T. has been taking care of our computer network for more than 15 years. Our network operates at peak efficiency and I sleep better at night knowing everything is under control.

Peggy S.
Accouting/Financial Firm, OH

I chose Back To Business I.T. because I was looking for help for our I.T. needs. I was doing most of it myself and, with trying to run the business, I just didn’t have the time that was needed. The people at Back To Business I.T. have almost become part of our staff -- they just happen to be at another location.

Greg S.
Manufacturing Company, OH

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