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Back To Business I.T. analyzes your technology needs for your business and recommends a plan. We offer two levels of managed services, Crucial and Enterprise, to keep your business running and maximize your productivity.

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Select a solution option from the chart to learn more about how Back to Business IT can help you stay focused on your business.

Server management Mail server management Server monitoring Antivirus monitoring VPN management and troubleshooting Network printer management Smartphones Network management Network firewall Ticket portal access Backup monitoring and verification Desktop monitoring/updating Disaster recovery Internet connectivity monitoring Server patch maintenance - Microsoft updates Server storage monitoring Documentation and reports User account management Threat removal and prevention Desktop monitoring/updating Complete desktop support Asset management File/Folder management Strategic planning Antivirus maintenance Office suite application support 3rd Party product advocate Enterprise Management Crucial Monitoring & Maintenance Desktop Service Options

Server management

Server Management
  • Firmware updates
  • Optimization
  • Application/program deployment
  • Data removal from retired systems

Mail server management

Mail Server Management
  • Storage management
  • Storage monitoring
  • Update anti-spam definitions if applicable

Server monitoring

Server Monitoring
  • Monitor server hardware for failure or predictive failure
  • Monitor all server services and restart as necessary

Antivirus monitoring

Antivirus Monitoring
  • Ensure systems have updated definitions current per company policy and remedy as needed
  • Monitor and report threats
  • Client installations

VPN management and troubleshooting

VPN Management and Troubleshooting
  • Managing the ability to access your network's data and resources from outside your organization
  • Assisting/troubleshooting VPN connectivity issues

Network printer management

Network Printer Management
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring if applicable
  • Troubleshooting
  • Other network device management



(company authorized)

  • Setup, connectivity, and account management

Network management

Network Management
  • Account management
  • Desktop patch management
  • File and folder management
  • Monitor disk space/remedy
  • Monitor event logs for critical errors, identify potential issues, and notify
  • DNS, DHCP, and WINS services management

Network firewall

Network Firewall Implementation and Management

Implementation and Management

  • Backup configuration/restoration
  • Manage network access
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Update firmware

Ticket portal access

Ticket Portal Access
  • Access to monitor the progress of issues and the ability to communicate with team
  • Ability to search your entire ticket database

Backup monitoring and verification

Backup Monitoring and Verification
  • Daily backup verification
  • Test backups with bi-weekly restores

Desktop monitoring/updating

Desktop Monitoring/Updating
  • Monitoring system health, alerting your support team when issues are detected
  • Managing software and hardware updates

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery
  • Develop/Implement backup strategy
  • Develop/Test recovery plans for restoring data

Internet connectivity monitoring

Internet Connectivity Monitoring
  • Bandwidth testing
  • Offline alert/report

Server patch maintenance - Microsoft updates

Server Patch Maintenance – Microsoft Updates
  • Keep service packs, patches and hotfixes current per company policy
  • Verifying & updating hardware level per vendor specifications

Server storage monitoring

Server Storage Monitoring
  • Disk space utilization/reporting
  • Disk health and maintenance

Documentation and reports

Documentation and Reports
  • Event logs review
  • Warning remediation

User account management

User Account Management
  • Develop/Implement procedures for client issued procedures
  • Sustain account accuracy and efficiency by performing scheduled audits

Threat removal and prevention

Threat Removal and Prevention
  • Detection, alerting and removal of threats
  • Establish/implement proactive measures
  • Educate end-users threat prevention

Desktop monitoring/updating

Desktop Monitoring/Updating
  • Monitoring system health, alerting your support team when issues are detected
  • Managing software and hardware updates

Complete desktop support

Complete Desktop Support
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Troubleshooting including printers
  • Application/program deployment
  • Data removal from retired systems

Asset management

Asset Management
  • Hardware inventory
  • Software licensing management
  • Warranty tracking and management

File/Folder management

File / Folder Management
  • Securing resources, making those resources available to network users and managing changes in those resources
  • Educating end-users on best practices for managing their data

Strategic planning

Strategic Planning
  • Hardware and software quote generation and recommendations
  • Budgeting assistance for IT network

Antivirus maintenance

Antivirus Maintenance
  • Update definitions/remediations
  • Monitoring/Reporting
  • Patch/Maintenance releases
  • New version installations

Office suite application support

Office Suite Application Support

(Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

  • Outlook troubleshooting, PST management, calendar assistance, delegation
  • As needed training sessions

3rd Party product advocate

3rd Party Product Advocate
  • Antivirus software
  • Backup software
  • Desktop/laptop hardware
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Network peripherals (firewalls, printers, scanners, and switches)
  • Server hardware

Enterprise Management


Our most robust service offering covers all aspects of your technology and provides complete peace of mind. Subscribers to this level also get Crucial Monitoring & Maintenance services and one of two Desktop Service Options included.

Crucial Monitoring & Maintenance


Great for smaller networks or for just “getting your feet wet,” this level is perfect for covering the most basic of technology needs.

Desktop Service Options


Enterprise Management users also benefit from a choice of Desktop Monitoring/Updating OR Complete Desktop Support to round out their service.

Take care of your business. We'll take care of your I.T.