Additional Services

Additional Services

Our Insight

Keeps Systems Optimized

A sophisticated set of tools allows us to take an in-depth look into your network, create a fluid line of communication, and repair issues before they affect your business.

Assessments – Reveal concerns before they become problems.

Based on industry best practices, Back To Business I.T. scans your entire network to see how you’re using your technology. Then we produce a report with its findings. By assessing your environment, it allows us to create a plan specific to your business needs.


Back To Business I.T. uses the power of The Greentree Group to help clients become HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Being HIPAA compliant is more than encryption, it’s an entire management style. We give our clients the peace of mind of knowing they have the proper process and technology requirements in place to keep personal data secure.

Projects – A partner to plan for your future.

Because projects are specific endeavors with specialized requirements, they often require special expertise and management. The Back To Business I.T. team offers a range of project management services to help you. We look at your needs, big or small, and offer recommendations to optimize your workflow now and in the future.


Back To Business I.T. develops a strategic plan based on industry best practices and your specific needs.


Once we are familiar with your needs, we’ll narrow down hardware options for you and connect you with an equipment vendor.


Our team will come to your location to install and train your organization on the
new equipment.

On-Call Services

Back To Business I.T. is here for you to keep your business moving. When your network has an issue, you can call us, and we can fix your problem using an hourly rate service.

Technology Environment Services

Back To Business I.T. can be your partner in creating an optimum technology environment, including planning the physical efficiencies of office layout, peripheral equipment, and data management. We assess your needs and create a plan to implement sound solutions. Large or small, Back To Business I.T. will keep your business moving.

Email Migration

Moving from one email platform to another? Back To Business I.T. can help you price, plan, and migrate to the solution that fits what your business requires. After the initial migration is completed, our team will verify that the project has been completed successfully and will continue to support you through the learning curve.

Strategic Planning

Back To Business I.T. will assess your environment, current equipment, and review the objectives and priorities for your business. We incorporate our findings into a strategic solution that is customized for your business, including options for upgrading equipment and software that fits within your budget. And since business needs may change over time, we can also build in a plan for future growth.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Instead of dealing with outdated analog phone lines, this service allows you to make calls over a broadband internet connection. We can show you how you to utilize features not available with traditional phone lines and avoid the added cost of phone service.


Whether you are building new construction or modernizing an outdated system for your business, Back To Business I.T. will plan, draw, and implement the proper wiring and cabling for your environment. We can advise you about how to reorganize your existing equipment to work efficiently within your new system.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Turn to Back To Business I.T. to create a secure data environment for your system. We can help you take control of how devices access their data by creating regulations and eliminating vulnerabilities. We will create customized rules for how data is safely stored, and even protect data when an employee leaves the organization.

Take care of your business. We'll take care of your I.T.