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Three Generations
Three generations of helping clients achieve success: Travis, Sam and Tyler Greenwood.

Take Care of Your Business


As a commercial service of The Greentree Group, Back To Business I.T. caters to organizations of all sizes. We remove the burden of computer systems from your shoulders and allow you to get back to concentrating on more important aspects of your company. Instead of diverting your attention to deal with technology issues like installing software, trouble-shooting printers, rebooting servers, and other computer hassles, you will be able to focus on what you do best.

Back To Business I.T. is a Service of The Greentree Group

When we started our company in 1993, it was rooted in the idea that business should be founded in trust and respect with people who needed the expertise we offered. With this as a foundation, and the backing of The Greentree Group, Back To Business I.T. puts our client’s needs at the center of our focus and works hard to be a valued partner.

We Believe in Integrity.

It’s the foundation for how we treat you, our employees, and our vendors – honest, ethical, and accountable in everything we do.

We Believe in Client Partnering.

You aren’t just a client – you’re a partner. We know in order to provide great work, we need to be a valued part of your team. That’s why we work hard to create healthy relationships based on communication, mutual trust, and respect.

We Believe in Client Focus.

Our success can only be found in the ability to help you succeed. Our focus is on the best way we can help you improve your business.

We Believe in Employee Welfare.

Our people are the only “product” we offer – their services, experience and expertise. We work hard, yet we care about each other and our families. We strive to improve the quality of our lives.

What Makes Us Different?

One word: Trust

Back To Business I.T. serves as a trusted partner, because we are not reselling products to our clients. We are a true service company and will secure the best product pricing for you to purchase directly from vendors. We make recommendations for you, but you still make the decisions. And this process will allow you to spend your budget efficiently.

By putting our clients’ needs first, we allow you to stay in control. We have no minimum hour requirements and no long-term contracts.

It’s all about

The Team

Our people are the only “product” we offer.

Back To Business I.T. considers our people to be its greatest strength. Our team’s experience is both deep and broad, meaning it covers a wide range of technology, programs and systems throughout a variety of sectors. Many of our employees have built their career on the technology revolution from the beginning. But that doesn’t mean we’re obsolete. To the contrary, our employees have a proven record for achieving success through our innovative and leading-edge solutions.

You can expect:

• Enterprise-level support
• Increased operational efficiency
• Fewer swings in I.T. expenses for easier budgeting
• Minimum down time
• Peace of mind knowing your networking is being monitored 24/7

BBB Award



Travis Greenwood

President & CEO

Tyler Greenwood

Vice President

Laura Fenlon

Business Development Manager

Lynda Kennedy

Client Service Manager

Aaron Dobbs

Network Operations Center Manager

Cameron Wallerius

Special Projects Manager
Take care of your business. We'll take care of your I.T.